13 – not unlucky for all!

The number 13 certainly didn’t feel unlucky to me this month! It was the day that we launched EIP3 (the latest version of our Emotional Intelligence Profile) to a room full of clients and prospects, in a unique loft venue in south London.

As with all these things, the day was the culmination of a huge amount of hard work over the last 2 years from the JCA Global team. It’s been an exciting development process building such an innovative and impactful product, and rewarding to see it receiving such positive feedback and making a real impact in businesses. If I was to use our Feelings Wheel to sum up how I felt on the launch day, it would go through the spectrum of apprehension (would everyone love EIP3 as much as we hoped they would?), enthusiasm (it’s ready and we can’t wait to share it with you!) and pride (what an incredible team effort!). As it was, the day was a huge success – fantastic atmosphere, really engaged audience, and great catching up with old and new clients.

It’s been a true privilege to have worked on this latest evolution of the product with Jo Maddocks, the original author of EIP and JCA Global’s Chief Psychologist.  Our purpose and passion has always been to offer our clients the leading tool for measuring EI at work.  The EIP tool started its journey 20 years ago and over this time has built a hugely loyal following.  The unique attitudinal-based model of Emotional Intelligence provides an excellent foundation for individual development and sustainable change.  With the launch of EIP3, we have now extended this so it can be used in assessment as well as development, and also introduced an extensive toolkit of practical resources for users to maximise the application of EI in their organisations.

On our launch day, I shared with the room how we have set high standards for ourselves in terms of the development and quality of EIP3.  This involved trialling the questionnaire with over 1,700 people and collecting performance ratings from over 350 participants, giving us robust evidence of the psychometric reliability and validity of the product. I was also pleased to share the new assessment reports and see the positive reactions from users, particularly around the defensive habits – a new feature which shows rigid attitudes and behaviours which can derail performance.

We were lucky to be joined by Lydia Corneck, Head of Talent Acquisition at JLL, who spoke about the amazing impact that Emotional Intelligence has had on not only herself but JLL too,” … quite literally, life changing”. I think everyone at the launch would agree how impactful her presentation was. If you’d like to hear more from Lydia, her blog from the day will be coming soon.

Photo of Lydia Corneck, John Cooper and Jo Maddocks

Lydia Corneck, John Cooper and Jo Maddocks in front of the JCA Global Feelings Wheel


Our EIP3 launch event was followed by a webinar for those that couldn’t make the day (sadly no champagne was handed out for the webinar attendees, unlike the event attendees!). Hosted by myself and Jo, on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far, it definitely tested our resilience by being in a meeting room with no windows open or air conditioning so to minimise background noise! The webinar showed attendees the ways that EIP3 can be used to apply Emotional Intelligence at work and explored the new assessment reports. If you missed our webinar, you can watch a recording here.

So, now the champagne bottles are empty and everyone has returned to their offices, we look forward to seeing the huge benefits that we know EIP3 can offer to our clients.

Want to find out more about EIP3? Watch our video.

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