Meeting the next generation of Business Psychologists

Artificial Intelligence, Obesity Stigma, and the Neuroscience of Change were just a few of the topics presented at the first ABP Student Conference this week. Industry experts came together to talk about their research, introduce innovative products and raise an awareness of the anticipated psychological challenges of the future. The day provided the next generation of Business Psychologists with thought provoking insights into the diverse and ever-changing workplace. Workshops, expert advice and networking opportunities, provided students with the chance to learn new skills and seek practical information to help them stay ahead of the curve.

A valuable addition to the day was the panel debate which comprised of industry experts including JCA Global’s CEO John Cooper. It highlighted the variety of directions a career in psychology can take you and allowed individuals to learn and be curious about the different routes and possibilities available.



We were delighted to be a part of the conference and to have the opportunity to share our thoughts on the role that Emotional Intelligence plays in successful businesses – increasing organisational performance, employee health and wellbeing. We were also proud to show off our newly developed Emotional Intelligence App, EI Zone and to present how we are evolving for the future.




We were struck by the quality of the student research on display and the enthusiasm, drive and knowledge of the MSc students. In the last stages of their dissertations, it is an exciting albeit daunting time for new Business Psychologists – their questions reminded us of our own experiences when starting out in the industry.

An insight in to the journey that my colleague and I took into business psychology:

Becca Gravell, JCA Global Junior Product and Training Consultant

My journey into this field I think has been fairly typical; a BSc in Psychology followed by an MSc in Business & Occupational Psychology, an internship and a graduate job. But this was by no means planned or easy! Having reflected whilst writing this I think my journey has been more about what I value and what contribution I want to make. Ultimately my two goals in life are:

  1. To be happy and healthy
  2. To make a positive impact on others and their wellbeing

Luckily, the field of Business Psychology is aligned with these two goals and therefore, my advice to anyone else starting out is to make sure that you search for organisations that align with your values.

Freddie Parrie-Jones,  JCA Global Product and Training Consultant

After completing my undergraduate in psychology, I experienced different areas before I learnt about the field of Business Psychology. Working as an assistant in a psychology consultancy, I soon learnt that the application of psychology in the workplace can positively impact not only the performance of the organisation, but the wellbeing and mental health of employees. Throughout our lives, we spend so much of our time at work and it was this understanding of the importance of employee health and wellbeing that motivated me to complete an MSc in Occupational Psychology. It is now exciting to see the many different directions that can be taken within the field and the constantly changing world of work.

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