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The purpose of the senior leadership programme is to engage, develop and retain individuals who may be future leaders, in order to ensure organisational resilience and develop a more diverse and Emotionally Intelligent leadership group. Having been impressed with our proven track-record of delivering sustained and enhanced leadership effectiveness through the development of Emotional Intelligence in the Environment Agency, a related body, Natural England selected JCA to deliver a key component of its senior leadership development programme.


Leveraging our group coaching and facilitation expertise, along with JCA’S Emotional Intelligence Profile diagnostic tools, we designed a programme to develop the mind-set and attitude of participants and their ability to foster a climate of sustained high performance for themselves and others. The programme comprised of two modules, with the first module followed up three months later by a workshop to sustain momentum and motivation, celebrate success and address any blocks to future performance.


Before and after metrics demonstrated that the Emotional Intelligence of participants significantly improved over the duration of the programme. In addition, participants reported that, having attended the programme, they felt: more equipped to develop powerful and sustainable relationships; they had a better understanding of the importance of Emotional Intelligence; and they had a greater awareness of how they could maximise their personal effectiveness. Natural England has been so impressed with the results that they are now considering whether to roll out the programme to a wider audience.

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