How EI can improve your bottom line – dealing with the cost of defensive behaviours

We’ve all been there at some point in our careers, sat in a meeting room surrounded by colleagues, agenda in hand but just not quite seeming to get ‘there’. ‘There’ being the end goal of deciding on something, creating something, achieving something. Or we’ve chatted away on the phone to a customer services adviser, trying to deal with a situation and the person on the other end just doesn’t seem to want to help you. I can say right now that creating the right climate within an organisation can increase productivity by 22% – at JCA Global we’ve measured that within our clients. But what is the cost to an organisation when the right environment isn’t in place and defensive behaviours are kicking in amongst employees and leaders? Read more…


Why Emotional Intelligence can boost business performance

The times, they are changing. We work in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments. To cope with the huge psychological demands this creates, businesses want employees that are more resilient to survive. But surviving is a short-term solution and unproductive for delivering real long-term organisational growth.

Writing in HR News, JCA Global consultant, Dexter Davies-Smith explains how Emotional Intelligence can help the individual and organisation move from merely surviving to thriving in his article: Why Emotional Intelligence can boost business performance.

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Employee engagement is dead, long live… leadership climate?

2016, a year of turmoil, dividing headlines between the political shocks of Brexit and Trump, and the cultural shocks of losing cherished celebrities. The New Year is traditionally time for optimism and resolutions: renewed gym memberships, dry January dedications, going tech-free one evening each week. Likewise at work, we set goals and objectives: navigating Brexit, raising productivity, increasing employee engagement. Read more…


New Year. New You.

The arrival of the New Year is a time of hope for many of us. As the countdown to midnight gets nearer, we begin to dream of how this new beginning will bring out the best in us. In 2017, we will be Read more…


Politics is making us less emotionally connected

To follow feeds on social media over the past few months, one might be tempted to think the world is in crisis, doom is pending and an apocalypse is just around the corner.  Even worse, there is talk of family Read more…


The endurance mindset

In a few days time I will plunge into the cold waters of Loch Lomond and attempt to swim 35 Km from one end to the other. Such challenges are commonly called ‘endurance’ events, and defined as:

The ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.
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Brexit – an age-old decision?

Explaining referendum voting patterns through the lens of Emotional Intelligence.

The referendum resulting in Brexit has been one of the most significant political events in recent times.
Following analysis of voting demographics, the disparity between the younger and older age groups of voters was Read more…


Gold Standard Resilience

Olympic fever is upon us and if like me you have been glued to the coverage you must have been impressed by the ever growing number of medals we as a nation have won and more importantly by the skill, athleticism, focus and resilience of the participants.

How do these incredible athletes control their emotions and remain resilient when they are under such intense pressure? How do they still manage to perform?

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21 days later…

At the start of April I committed to working on my “greenness”. I promised myself that for 21 consecutive days I would spend 50 minutes on a renewal activity. On the first day of my commitment I woke up excited – I was embarking on a journey to a better, calmer me! Read more…


21 Days of Green

Last weekend finally brought us some long-awaited sunshine. With the breath of fresh air came the promise of Spring, the season when nature starts waking up from its winter slumber to remind us how great it is to be alive. Read more…