CRF Digital Disruption: Exploring the Implications for Leaders and Leadership Development

Wednesday 3rd April 2019, London

We are attending the upcoming CRF event, Digital Disruption – Exploring the Implications for Leaders and Leadership Development. It is aimed at those responsible for developing talent, in particular those concerned with making sure leadership development is fit for purpose for tomorrow’s organisations.

The rise of the digital economy means organisations across industry sectors are having to fundamentally rethink their business models or risk becoming obsolete. This, coupled with technology-driven and demographic change, the shifting role of the organisation in society and changing expectations of followers, is making the practice of leadership ever more demanding.

JCA Global Director of Development Consulting, Jill Pennington and Claire Koryczan, a Tech Consultant will host a masterclass entitled ‘Digital leadership and Emotional Intelligence’. They will explore what type of leader is required to embrace digitalisation, enable it and create a climate in which it is adopted to create competitive advantage. Is the fourth industrial revolution challenging our thinking about leadership in a way that we haven’t encountered before? As we automate more processes and tasks what does this mean for the “human” side of work?

Perhaps surprisingly as we become more technology enabled do we need to be even more emotionally enabled? How can Emotional Intelligence enable digitalisation? Attendees will understand what digitalisation means and what leaders need to do to embrace digitalisation whilst maintaining engagement and performance.

This CRF event is only open to CRF members.

More information about the event can be found here.


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