Pearls of Wisdom – BAPT Conference

Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th April 2019, Milton Keynes

“Pearls of Wisdom” (#pearlsofwisdom) is the 30th annual conference for the British Association for Psychological Type, and they’re hoping to make it extra amazing! All interested individuals and practitioners are welcome whether UK or not, and whether APT members or not.

Bill Davies, Principal Consultant, will be presenting on Friday 12th April at 3pm to 4.30pm, How can we Build Resilience? In the session Bill will present:

  • An exploration of what resilience is and what it actually means
  • The difference between pressure and stress; key elements which undermine our resilience
  • Personality type and how different types react to pressure and stress
  • The link between personality and emotional intelligence
  • The JCA resilience process model and how we can develop resilience
  • The key tips for enabling resilience

Find out more here.

Read the conference overview here.




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