JCA Global is raising the bar in applying
Emotional Intelligence at work with EIP3 – our new and enhanced Emotional Intelligence Profile.


The new features include:

– Brand new Selection & Assessment Reports

The EIP3 can now be used within development and assessment. Using Emotional Intelligence in assessment allows you to distinguish an outstanding candidate from an average candidate, ensuring you are bringing on the right person for the business. Our Expert Report and Interview Guide save you time in getting to know who you are talking to, providing behavioural evidence to verify the candidate’s suitability to your organisation and the role. It provides significant insights into a candidate’s potential for demonstrating key emotional competencies – which are all crucial factors in work performance and productivity.

Watch a recording of our recent ‘How Emotional Intelligence improves assessment and selection’ webinar below:

– Insights into Defensive Habits

Individuals will often face difficult and demanding situations at work. Under pressure, they may revert back to ‘defensive habits’ or rigid behaviours, that derail effective performance. Based on our Emotional Intelligence Profile, there are nine defensive habits that people display, and our new Expert Report now features scores on the level of risk that an individual may exhibit for each of the defensive habits, particularly when under pressure.

– Extensive Practitioner Toolkit

To support your use of EIP3 and maximise the impact of your delivery, we have developed a Practitioner Toolkit full of resources and materials that will add value to the impact of Emotional Intelligence in your organisation.  

Watch our video from the EIP3 launch event:

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