Measuring Emotional Intelligence

The challenge

Behaviourial change developed in the training room is often temporary and people soon return to old habits back at work. Recognising this, we created one of the first measures of Emotional Intelligence applied to business. The Emotional Intelligence Profile was specifically designed to facilitate change in attitudes, leading to sustainable change in behaviour.

Unlocking potential

Our Emotional Intelligence Profile provides individuals with a developmental route map to unlock potential and translate it into effective performance. By identifying the underlying attitudes that underpin an individual’s thinking and feeling we are able to help people make sustainable behaviourial change.

Emotional Intelligence measures for business

The Emotional Intelligence Profile is a scientifically validated and industry recognised self-assessment questionnaire that has been shown to improve performance. We have created a suite of Emotional Intelligence products for business that help individuals, teams and organisations improve engagement, performance and well-being.

Emotional Intelligence Profile – An accurate and reliable measure of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence 360 – Understand how others rate your Emotional Intelligence

Team Emotional Intelligence Profile – Build high performance teams

Leadership Climate Indicator – Create the right environment for sustainable high performance

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