JCA Global launches EI Zone – the app for developing and sustaining Emotional Intelligence

JCA Global, the people development and business psychology consultancy, has just launched EI Zone. This new app is a personal learning companion, using technology to help individuals embed emotionally intelligent attitudes, feelings and behaviours through daily practice.

The app is available to accredited users of JCA Global’s Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP3) to encourage individuals to use between coaching or development sessions. The app supports a coach’s portfolio of products and services and is available to organisations that are rolling out EI development programmes.

EI Zone has been developed as a result of extensive research into how to embed behaviour change. One study, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ejsp.674/abstract), found that forming a new habit depends on the behaviour, the person and the circumstances. It took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days of repeated practice for people to form a new habit, with a median of 66 days.

Dan Hughes, Product Director at JCA Global, says, “EI Zone came about because we recognised individuals need support to embed the changes they want to make in their behaviour. Our research has highlighted that the emotional centres of our brain learn from ‘doing’, not just ‘knowing’ what we want to change. If we don’t practice behaviour change constantly, we will often end up falling back into old habits. EI Zone is like having a coach in your pocket, supporting you to build positive habits and develop your own Emotional Intelligence.”

EI Zone helps individuals learn about and develop their own Emotional Intelligence. The app helps users regularly track their feelings on JCA Global’s Feelings Wheels to build an emotional awareness and monitor these over time. The 21-day habit change feature helps embed a new habit that they choose to focus on. Users can also share learning with peers and support each other, and complete questionnaires to further understand their own strengths and development areas. All these features help to embed positive habits.

EI Zone is available on iOS and Android.

If you are interested in seeing how EI Zone can help you develop and embed Emotional Intelligence into your daily life, request a free one week trial by contacting eizone@jcaglobal.com.

To find out more about EI Zone, go to www.jcaglobal.com/eizone.

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