New Coaching with Emotional Intelligence Accreditation

Drawing upon our expertise in Emotional Intelligence and decades of experience as coaches and trainers we’re proud to now offer the new Coaching with Emotional Intelligence programme.

To celebrate the launch of our new accreditation course we are offering a free introductory webinar –

Value and belief: attitudes for Coaching with Emotional Intelligence
Monday 14th November
15:00pm (1 hour) 

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Designed for people working in human resources (HR), learning and development (L&D) and coaching roles, the hour long online session will focus on the following areas:

  • The importance of coaching principles
  • JCA’s seven principles for coaching with EI
  • Applying EI in coaching

The session will be hosted by Mia O’Gorman and Miriam McCallum, who together have 40 years’ coaching practice. The free webinar will also cover:

  • the attitudes which shape coaching interactions
  • how recognising your own value and building belief in your clients enhances coaching

To complete the learning experience, participants will receive a recording of the webinar and a post-course practice guide, helping attendees incorporate EI into their day-to-day coaching.

Mia Gorman, client director, JCA Global said: “Businesses are beginning to understand the huge benefits of EI in the workplace.”

“This online session is a good chance for in-house and independent coaches, both new and experienced, to develop their knowledge of this powerful philosophy.

“There is increasing demand for credible, effective and emotionally intelligent coaching from independent practitioners and professionals within organisations such as HR and learning and development teams.

“We can help coaches meet this demand by fostering a deeper understanding of coaching with emotional intelligence which promotes enhanced performance and wellbeing.”

The free webinar is an introduction to JCA’s new “Coaching with EI” accreditation programme which meets exacting European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) standards and on completion, supports application for European Individual Accreditation.

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