Creating competitive advantage requires maximising the effectiveness of your talent at individual, team and organisational level.  Our world class range of assessment and development tools drive organisational success by working at and across these levels to ensure optimum performance.

To maximise individual performance, we can provide structured, in-depth analysis of current behaviour and the underlying drivers. By building employees’ awareness of both these aspects, you can empower employees to take ownership of their career development and ensure that they are working in areas where they can add the most value.

Our team and organisational products help businesses to create an organisational climate and culture that drives sustainable high performance. Our measures provide insights into the human and group dynamics that underpin collective performance, as well as hard measures of the impact these dynamics have on the business and its people.

Our approach

Our approach to assessment and development products has been driven by two key beliefs. Firstly, our products need to be world class, this means:

  • Our tools are scientifically driven, based on current theory and empirical data
  • Research is continuously on-going to ensure our tools are cutting edge

The second belief is that using our products should be a positive experience for all, this means:

  • Access to our online portal that makes administering and managing products easy and straight forward
  • Business appropriate reports that follow a clean design, written in accessible language