Personality Type Profile Collaboration

Product overview

The Personality Type Profile Collaboration (PTP Collaboration) describes how any two individuals work most effectively together and is ideal for improving relationships. It enables one individual to view themselves through the other’s perspective, see how their behaviours and preferences may impact the relationship and suggest ways to quickly build a collaborative and effective working relationship.

Based on the Jungian personality type model, no formal assessment is required. If you already know the 4-letter personality type of two individuals, you can generate an easy-to-interpret report that can be used to build and strengthen relationships and performance.

When to use PTP Collaboration?

The world has become far too complex and interrelated for individuals and organisations to succeed without collaboration. Today, nobody succeeds alone. Use PTP Collaboration to:

  • Resolve conflict
  • Inform personal development plans
  • Support coaching conversations
  • Accelerate collaboration
  • Strengthen relationships and team-working
  • Embrace diversity

Why choose our PTP Collaboration Report?

PTP Collaboration is a unique type-based personality report. It provides individuals with the capacity to change and develop their behaviour, communication and interpersonal style which is an important facet in working effectively with others.

Using the report, individuals will discover:

  • What they may value about each other
  • How they can communicate with each other more effectively
  • How they can interact more effectively
  • How they can manage their differences
  • Differences in their approach to leadership


The PTP Collaboration report is based upon the Jungian personality type model and provides information on how two of the 16 personality types as defined by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs inter-relate.

Personality Type Profile


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Quick facts

Directly enter the four letter type of two individuals online to generate a report instantly

Completion time
5 minutes

English (UK)

Suitable for
All employees

Using PTP Collaboration
PTP or MBTI accredited practitioners benefit from immediate access to this report