A decade of Emotional Intelligence

This paper examines the trends and implications of data from 12,417 working individuals who have completed the EIP (Emotional Intelligence Profile)between 2001 and 2010.

Are leaders more emotionally intelligent?

  • What distinguishes senior leaders (Directors and Senior Managers) from other job levels is their self-belief, in particular their Emotional Resilience, Goal Directedness, Personal Power, Positive Outlook and their capacity to manage conflict and act independently when required.
  • Overall, higher level job-holders (across six job levels) score higher on nearly all aspects of EI.
  • The results suggest that for Senior Managers to progress to Director level they may need to develop their Self Management (Self Awareness, Personal Power, Goal Directedness and Balanced Outlook). For Middle Managers to progress to Senior Manager level, they may need to develop aspects of Tough Mindedness (Emotional Resilience, Goal Directedness, Balanced Outlook, Conflict Handling and Interdependence).
  • Managerial groups score noticeably higher in EI than Non-Managerialgroups. This may suggest that development training should be made available to Non-Managerial groups as well as Managers.

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