JCA Global has introduced a brand new set of tools to help your leaders and organisation become more resilient, all developed from our new model of resilience developed by Chief Psychologist, Jo Maddocks.

JCA Global Resilience Model

All too often individuals who perform effectively under normal circumstances will dramatically derail and underperform when outside of their comfort zones or under stress. The factor that differentiates those who adapt, recover and learn from adversity from those that don’t, is the concept of resilience.

Resilience can be defined as ‘the ability to recover from negative life experiences and become stronger while overcoming them’1. This definition is reflected in our Thrive Cycle of Resilience2 which has four stages – an individual may be stronger or weaker in any of the four stages in the resilience cycle.

JCA Global Resilience Model. Copyright 2018 JCA Global Ltd.

 Workshop: Building Resilience at Work

We have developed a two day programme specifically designed to enable people to develop their resilience in a focused way. The course, being lead by our experience consultancy team, will explore a practical understanding of the psychology of resilience, core attitudes and emotions and awareness of these emotions, all following our Thrive Cycle of Resilience model and gives a rational basis for development focus.

All attendees will get a copy of their own Resilience report, which will measure the impact of the course and the focused action of each delegate.

If you’re interested in attending our Building Resilience at Work workshop, visit our event page for more details.

 Resilience report


Generated from our EIP3 Questionnaire, our new Resilience report presents a score and interpretation on sixteen aspects of Emotional Intelligence that will support the development of personal resilience. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a combination of attitudes and behaviours that distinguish outstanding performance from average performance. Individuals with higher EI will be better able to manage adversity, cope effectively with life’s challenges, and bounce back from setbacks.

The JCA Global Resilience report contains:

  • An explanation of the four stages of resilience
  • An individual’s score on sixteen aspects of EI that support resilience
  • Interpretation of the resilience scores
  • Development suggestions for building resilience
You can download a sample Resilience report here.

Webinar: From Surviving to Thriving – Building Resilience

We launched our Resilience offering in May with a webinar hosted by Jo Maddocks and Principal Consultants’ Jackie Grier and Bill Davies. The team introduced our new Thrive model of Resilience and the Resilience report. During the webinar, they looked at how individuals and organisations can apply resilience to help support changing climates and build stronger leaders and teams.

You can watch the webinar here.


1 Henderson, N., and Milstein, M.M. (1996). Management of organizational behavior: Utilizing human resources (5th edition). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.
2 Inspired by O’Leary, V. E., and Ickovics, J. R. (1995). Resilience and thriving in response to challenge: An opportunity for a paradigm shift in women’s health. Women’s Health: Research on Gender: Behavior; and Policy, I, 121-142.

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