JCA offers individual, executive and team coaching, and provides managed coaching services. Building on our internal coaching expertise, we also provide tailored and EMCC (European Coaching and Mentoring Council) accredited coaching programmes to develop the coaching skills of your leaders, managers and internal coaches.

An inspirational approach

Our coaches are passionate about helping individuals to discover and fulfil their own potential. We believe in the importance of an authentic coaching relationship in order to make lasting change. The reason why many development initiatives fail to deliver sustained change is that the focus of the work remains on a cognitive or behavioural level. Our coaching places significance on achieving a depth of awareness which uncovers the attitudes and emotions underpinning unhelpful habits, and targets change at this level.  Our Catalyst Programme provides a structured means of achieving this, drawing on methods which simultaneously accelerate the coaching relationship and highlight the beliefs and assumptions behind unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour.

Striving for excellence

We inspire our clients to work with the paradox of striving for excellence whilst fully accepting who they are. As well as working on specific coaching objectives, our interventions also strengthen the foundations of effective leadership through increasing awareness, authenticity and self-accountability.

Our coaching philosophy is influenced by the theories of Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, FIRO theory and Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Exceptional coaching

We take great care in ensuring the brilliance of our coaches.  Each coach differs in their personal style and experience, but they share outstanding qualities of self-awareness, authentic presence and skilful means. We are corporate members of the EMCC and abide by their code of ethics. Our coaches undertake regular supervision with the Professor of Coaching from Ashridge Business School, and they undertake continuous personal and professional development.

Driving change

Our reputation is built on our ability to make a difference. In many cases this difference is life-changing, and leads to changes in the way people see themselves and others, and their potential. Their enhanced performance is validated by consistent reports from line managers and business sponsors.  We start with the end in mind, and we collaborate with you to define coaching success at the outset, referring to this benchmark throughout the process. We also undertake formal reviews and employ our Emotional Intelligence and 360 degree feedback tools to provide you with evidence of impact.

Talk to our experts

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