Executive Coaching

JCA’s expertise in executive coaching and business mentoring has been developed over our long history of helping hundreds of executives to transform themselves and their organisations. We have supported C suite leaders from global corporations through to leaders of SMEs and high tech start- ups. Our unique combination of sound business know-how with insightful coaching practice, will enable your executives to transcend the barriers to their own and the organisation’s success.

Our approach

In the face of increasing uncertainty, competition and demand, executives need to continually invest in developing themselves personally and professionally. Clear feedback and positive challenge is a vital part of this on-going development. In our experience, executives often need to hear the truth the most and yet receive it the least. Sometimes, when they are overloaded with work, a gap develops between how they see themselves and how others see them. It is these organisational, relationship and personal blind spots which can be individually and organisationally limiting.

Meeting your needs

Through the coaching process, we explore the organisational realities, opportunities and challenges, and we discover new possibilities. Our coaches make sustainable change possible by helping executives to gain awareness of the underpinning drivers of performance and well-being. In this confidential environment, executives can explore new ways of operating and plan for long-term, sustainable success.

Professional and expert

Our executive coaches are all professionally accredited coaches or business psychologists. The majority have held senior positions in large, global organisations. Our business mentors have significant business experience which includes developing a range of businesses in different industries, and successful track records in corporate life.

Talk to our experts

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