Individual Coaching

Over the last two decades we have established ourselves as the partner of choice for organisations requiring coaching for their valued leaders. Our coaching enhances the effectiveness of leaders and is firmly founded in business and psychological best practice.

Human resource professionals and business leaders alike recognise that good coaching makes a big difference to leadership development. This difference shows in a leader’s effectiveness, the climate they create around them and the belief they have in themselves. Ultimately, skilful coaching makes a vast difference to performance and business results.

Our approach

We have extensive experience in one-to-one coaching and can support your organisation in the following contexts:

  • to support a specific development need, transition or challenge
  • as an integral part of a leadership, team or talent development programme
  • triggering a new awareness

Our relational coaching approach draws on sound psychological frameworks, and fosters a space of openness and trust where participants can take perspective, achieve the depth of awareness and fresh thinking required for significant insight and sustainable behavioural change.

Our popular Catalyst Coaching Programme is designed to develop leadership effectiveness and Emotional Intelligence. An in-depth first session increases self-awareness, and is often supported by diagnostic tools. This is followed by a series of coaching sessions to address agreed, emerging coaching objectives and real-time challenges drawing on the awareness gained in the first session. Through our listening and enquiry skills and drawing upon powerful coaching tools, our coaches provide in-the-moment feedback, enabling coachees to reflect on and develop their leadership, interpersonal style, habits and attitudes, leading to transformational and sustainable change.

Meeting your needs

Every organisation has different needs and we tailor our coaching programmes to align to your business requirements. Our coaches are known for their ability to blend business thinking with psychological insight. Whilst our coaches vary in style, they are united by their professionalism, authenticity and the passion they bring to their work. As experts in Emotional Intelligence, our coaches are uniquely placed to enhance performance, engagement and resilience.

Making an impact

We know that coaching has the greatest impact when the coaching contract is made explicit and the organisational and individual needs are aligned. Our coaching process is designed to enable both participants and their sponsors to reflect on the coaching needs and goals. Clients regularly report that they are able to do more with less effort and stress; they have been able to positively influence, resolve conflict and inspire their teams to better performance. We also use a variety of formal measures of evaluation including retake of the diagnostic questionnaires, 360 degree feedback; coaching effectiveness questionnaires, and client sponsor interviews.

Talk to our experts

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