Team Coaching

With over 20 years’ experience in helping team members to focus on their common goals and to work better together, we are expert team coaches. We believe that trust and authenticity are two of the most critical elements affecting teams, and in contributing to their performance and productivity. Our team coaches will support team members to develop and leverage these two essential factors to create team success.

Our approach

Our team coaching is aimed at all types of teams, including senior executive teams, newly formed teams, and teams interested in creating the time and space to explore how they can increase performance.

As experts in the field of Emotional Intelligence and organisational development we take a systems approach to help teams understand their task and interpersonal dynamics. Through process facilitation and engaging the team in reflection and dialogue about their functioning, we collectively reveal what is helping or hindering their collective success. Undertaking the Team Emotional Intelligence Profile early in the process enables teams to understand their resources and interferences and support them in creating habits which lead to exceptional performance. In between formal coaching events, teams then craft their own skills and processes to build trust, solve problems together and create authentic and collaborative relationships that deliver measurable success.

Meeting your needs

Our experienced team coaches are also fully qualified executive coaches and are trained to work with teams to provide psychological insight into relationship and communication dynamics as they occur. They provide in-the-moment coaching and feedback to increase awareness, thus creating a change in-the-moment and the opportunity for the team to go beyond their current abilities. Coaches also promote team problem solving on real issues.

As the team works on real business issues whilst receiving coaching and feedback, the context is set for true transformational team coaching. Teams report back that they are more focused, team members understand each other better, communication is more open, trust is more evident, there is greater interpersonal team awareness and relationships within the team are more collaborative. They are able to solve complex problems together, have difficult conversations, and they are better able to work together to create wider opportunities and future success.

Talk to our experts

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