Executive Assessment

To create sustainable competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, businesses recognise the need to find the right talent. First class assessment of people, in line with an organisation’s strategic direction, is a powerful way for companies to distinguish themselves from competitors, forming the foundation for success.

Our assessment experts can help you identify the right leader for your business, and the kind of leader your people will choose to follow. Our insights will provide you with a clear picture of your organisation’s leadership strengths, capability, blind spots and potential. Always conducted within the context of your own internal and external business context, the executive assessments are used for the recruitment and development of executives, as well as for profiling groups of leaders, including senior teams and boards of directors.

Our approach

To identify the right leader for your business, we engage with you to understand your leadership needs, organisational culture, values, structure, business objectives and the external factors influencing your business

Using a combination of robust interviewing methodologies, leadership benchmarking tools and state-of-the-art psychometrics, we produce benchmarked and detailed assessments of leadership potential and performance through:

  • a deep insight into the motivations and drivers of each leader
  • identifying their strengths and development areas
  • examining what they have learnt from past experience
  • understanding their intellectual capability, attitudes, values and aspirations

Meeting your needs

How participants are treated and feel before, during and after the assessment is crucial in maximising long-term business value and maintaining your organisational brand. We put a lot of care into how we engage with leaders undertaking an assessment, building a mutual and accurate understanding.

Through our strategic relationships with our clients, our assessments generate real business value, including:

  • accurate and robust data regarding leadership potential and capability, minimising the risk inherent in hiring decisions
  • rich talent data to help predict potential and future performance in senior leadership positions
  • an understanding as to whether a board has the correct leadership knowledge, skills and attitudes to deliver against the organisation’s strategic goals
  • diagnosis of a senior leadership team’s strengths and alignment of talents

Talk to our experts

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