Leadership Development

Our leadership development programmes unlock leadership potential and create sustainable leadership effectiveness – Emotional Intelligence is key to this. Working at a deeper level of mindset and emotions, we enable your leaders to gain significant personal insight into their potential to become the leader they want to be – evolving their strengths, using their experiences and defining their personal leadership vision.

A new perspective

Using the latest leadership theory, combined with proven humanistic development principles, we take leaders on a personal development journey, where they gain more self-awareness and personal insight with every step. We believe it crucial for leaders to be clear on who they are and what they want to be: this is the foundation for developing authentic, inspirational and sustainable leadership. For some, becoming all that they can as a leader starts with getting out of their own way.

Our leadership development programmes build awareness of what has shaped and influenced the leader they are today; their habitual ways of perceiving and operating that have both helped and hindered progress; and when faced with new contexts and challenges, what news ways of working can be embraced to take performance to the next level.

Often the starting point is to engage senior leaders and programme sponsors to establish focus and context – enabling clear definition of the organisational imperatives. We then tailor our leadership development programmes to your specific business requirements. Effective leadership development programmes aligned to your context enable leaders to individually and collectively capitalise on new opportunities and tackle previous blocks to organisational change.

Achieving sustainable change

We use individual and group coaching methods to ensure that both individual and collective learning objectives are met; they provide valuable opportunities for leaders to learn from each other, receive insightful feedback, work together on their personal development, and increase the social intelligence of the organisation through establishing connected leadership networks. Our leadership development programmes are supported by a suite of development methods and tools that can be transferred into your business to sustain and embed learning.

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