Leading through Emotional Intelligence

Organisations have long recognised the pivotal influence of leadership on performance. From the boardroom to front line teams, engagement, well-being and productivity are all impacted by the leader’s style. Clients tell us that developing leaders through Emotional Intelligence has given them greater clarity, better relationships, more engaged employees and a climate where collaboration and productivity flourish. Over the years, we have repeatedly helped leaders to develop Emotional Intelligence, creating powerful ripple effects that reach the bottom line.

Our approach

We believe that to lead others successfully, leaders must first be able to lead themselves. Our approach to developing leaders through Emotional Intelligence is to take them on a personal journey into who they are and how they want to be as a leader. We aim to raise awareness of how things are now and to create greater choice about the attitudes and behaviours adopted in future, in order to gain better personal and organisational outcomes. We draw on diagnostic tools such as the Emotional Intelligence Profile to help generate personal insight; we may also use 360 degree feedback to gather information from others on a leader’s impact. Re-visiting diagnostic tools at the end of the process can show the tangible changes that have taken place.

Meeting your leadership needs

We know that leadership development is most powerful when the aims of the organisation and the individual are aligned – therefore we seek to engage with sponsors and participants in defining desired outcomes. We have built experience in helping organisations change their culture, increase engagement and balance high performance with sustainability. We have helped leaders develop their EI in order to succeed in key role transitions, address potential career de-railers and re-discover lost confidence or joy in their work.

Stimulating lasting change

Whether you are seeking to develop the Emotional Intelligence of a supervisor, manager or executive, we have the appropriate solution to meet your needs. Our coaches and facilitators are expert in developing the Emotional Intelligence of leaders. They are highly skilled at working relationally in presenting attitudes and behaviours, and our powerful and authentic coaching methodology enables transformations which form the foundation for lasting change. Using our curiosity, courage and compassion – and encouraging leaders to do the same – we build an inclusive, trusting climate where leaders can take risks and stretch to meet their potential.


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