Resilience & Sustainable Performance

Modern workplaces are characterised by unprecedented pace, change and uncertainty. Such pressures and the potential impact they have on efficiency, heath and relationships mean that resilience is a necessary and much sought after resource for today’s leaders, and a focus for individual and team development in organisations that are interested in retaining and sustaining peak performers.

Our approach

Resilience – the ability to effectively manage one’s energy and bounce back from stressful situations and adapt positivity in the face of adversity, pressure and change – is a sophisticated and multifaceted resource. Although our capacity to be resilient is shaped by our personality and experience, we can also shape it by developing the habits and attitudes, increasing resilience goes hand in hand with increasing Emotional Intelligence (EI). By developing EI we increase the ability to reflect on and manage our emotions and build effective relationships, which in turn supports our resilience. However, our work shows that leaders benefit from shining the spotlight more intently onto the area of resilience to enhance this much needed commodity.

Meeting your needs

Through working with a range of organisations to develop leadership resilience, from the public sector to multi-national FTSE100 companies, we have developed our holistic approach to maximising resilience through the way leaders relate to their thinking, feeling, physical and spiritual selves. As well as facilitating energising experiential learning activities which in themselves promote resilience, we provide a host of resources for creating effective habits and skills in each of these areas and measures to appraise one’s current capabilities. Beyond a ‘sheep dip’ approach, we encourage leaders to decode how resilience works for them personally and how as a leader they can build resilience in others. By using the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP3) as a lens and learning through insightful reflection about their personal patterns and triggers, leaders discover the unique resources they can personally draw on that make the biggest difference to their resilience.

A win-win solution

Historically, dealing with workplace stress has placed the onus either on the shoulders of the organisation to reduce the pressures in the workplace or on individuals to manage their own feelings of stress. Our approach recognises the systemic and complex nature of resilience and its relationship to engagement, productivity and wellbeing at work and takes a holistic approach to achieving win-win solutions.


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