System Skills Leadership

If your organisation is reliant on the expertise of its scientists, technicians or engineers, we can help you to develop a core cohort of people with ‘Systems Skills’ or ‘System-Thinking’ capability. This is critical for your organisation as it allows for the delivery of solutions that incorporate learning from multiple disciplines, thus meeting customer needs, as opposed to offering technical excellence alone.

Our approach

JCA has conducted applied research to understand the attributes that accelerate the development of Systems Skills. We found that an individual’s Emotional Intelligence (as measured by the Emotional Intelligence Profile, or EIP3) was a key factor in Systems Skills capability. The EIP3 was found to underpin not only the interpersonal demands of Systems Skills, but also the ability to think broadly and in a way that allows the integration of information from different sources to develop optimal solutions.

For the last eight years, we have been running specialist Systems Skills development programmes which aim to enhance the Emotional Intelligence (EI) of people whose success has been largely driven by a scientific and technical mind-set. Our programmes include the use of practical tools, experiential exercises and EI-specialist coaching, combined with data-driven diagnostics (bespoke Systems Skills 360 degree feedback and the EIP3).

Meeting your needs

Whilst respecting the intellectual curiosity of our audience (for example, by using hard evidence from neuroscience to inform learning), our coaches decode the complexity of participants’ working relationships. At the same time, they use compassion, care and courage to enable delegates to challenge their own attitudes and behaviours that keep them ‘stuck’ in old habits. This results in a climate of collaborative learning where participants can take risks and choose action that results in demonstrable, lasting change.

Since 2006, over 700 scientists, engineers and technical leaders from a range of organisations have been transformed by our EI-based development programmes. We see long-lasting changes in each participant’s approach – towards one that is more strategic and collaborative. Evaluation studies have found sustained improvements in delegates’ EI by up to 18 per cent after six months; this increase in EI has helped them to achieve higher levels of Systems Skills within shorter than expected timeframes.


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