Tailored Leadership Programmes

In today’s uncertain world, the quality of leaders and the leadership they demonstrate has never been more important. Through their mindset, attitude and behaviours, leaders create the organisational climate that will either enable or impede employee engagement, well-being and performance. JCA work with you to design, deliver and evaluate transformational leadership development programmes that will enable your leaders to deliver on strategic goals.

Our approach

With over 20 years’ experience of developing leaders globally, we know that Emotional Intelligence is the key to unlocking leadership potential. Our approach to developing leadership is to focus on the deep level of mindset and emotions. We raise awareness of enablers and blockers that exist at both individual and personal levels, and we help participants to understand the climate created by leaders within teams and across the organisation.

Meeting your needs

Leadership development is only meaningful if it is aligned to organisational strategy. We pride ourselves on our ability to build truly collaborative partnerships with our clients; we shape leadership programmes that are directly related to the strategic and individual challenges facing your leaders and your organisation.

We do this through engaging closely with senior leaders and programme sponsors to understand the organisational context within which leaders are operating, and to answer the question: ‘Leadership for what?’ We undertake diagnostic analysis through individual, team or organisational psychometrics and surveys, or through qualitative research, such as interviews and focus groups, to identify the key issues that need to be addressed.

Once the issues are identified, we work closely with key learning, development and business stakeholders. We design interventions that apply the best of our experience and expertise in a way that is aligned to the culture of your organisation, and delivers the outcomes required.

Experts in building sustainable change

Our team of expert consultants are experienced in developing and delivering programmes of all kinds. We can help you with global, systemic, cultural change programmes involving blended learning, workshops, action learning sets, large group interventions and conferences, team development sessions, e-learning including remote coaching, and one-to-one executive coaching for the top team. In all cases, we retain and foster close working relationships with you to continually evaluate and refine our programmes to ensure they develop leaders who are ready, willing and able to deliver success to your organisation.

Talk to our experts

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