Teams & Relationships

Organisations are essentially social networks, where work is achieved primarily through interactions between people. Successful organisations understand that the quality of relationships within their business is vital to making the most of their talent.

Our approach

Our approach to working with teams has been honed over the last two decades. Through research and experience we know that great teams take care of their relationships. High performing teams offer a constructive climate with both challenge and support, and they show a high level of Emotional Intelligence. They also meet team members’ psychological needs for belonging, empowerment and intimacy friendship. These factors result in trust-based relationships which make the difference between a group of highly talented people coming together and achieving less than the sum of the parts, and a team producing extraordinary performance.

Meeting your needs

We are experts at interpersonal dynamics and skilled at surfacing and resolving conflict in constructive ways. Our team programmes are based on the psychological principles of group dynamics and team development. We use a combination of experiential learning, psychometric tools and skilful facilitation to enable teams to unlock defensiveness and improve performance. The Team Effectiveness model measures the social norms (collective beliefs and habits) that facilitate collaborative relationships and the Emotional Intelligence of the team. It provides an objective means of discussing the team climate and provides practical guidance to accelerate trust and build strong relationships.

Realising the benefits

Following our team development interventions, team members commonly report that they feel better understood and that they have a better understanding of their colleagues. Individuals say that they are more energised and they see improvements in the team’s effectiveness and performance. Clients report that team members have built the trust and openness required for people to feel aligned and valued – in short they have realised the benefits of collaboration.

Talk to our experts

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