Teams in Difficulty

Through our extensive experience in developing successful teams, we’ve learnt that what’s viewed as most challenging and damaging to team performance largely concerns how people work with each other at a relationship level within the team. Problems include lack of trust, poor communication, and misunderstandings about individual and group roles. Whatever the reason, when a team is in difficulty, people feel it and emotions can take centre-stage.

Our approach

We believe that solutions to team difficulties must allow underlying emotions to come to the foreground in an open and accountable way. Our approach to the creation of high performance teams enhances team Emotional Intelligence. This involves working with individual team members and then the team as a collective to:

  • raise awareness of current blocks to performance
  • enable individual and collective ownership of potential solutions
  • track performance improvement at an individual and team level to quantify success and enable sustained, self-managed change

Since team Emotional Intelligence depends on each individual member’s own awareness of themselves and how they relate to others, our team solutions always include individual interventions to ensure members can first lead themselves. Once self-awareness is raised, members are then in a better position to enhance team performance from a collective mindset of openness and accountability rather than from a position of protection, blame, fear or ignorance.

Meeting your needs

We tailor our team solutions to suit your needs, drawing on a powerful combination of tools and techniques to enable transformational change. This includes the use of leading tools such as the Emotional Intelligence Profile, Team Emotional Intelligence Profile and Leadership Climate Indicator. Our team exercises have been developed and honed over years of practice; they quickly raise awareness, identify challenges and create pathways to action.

Experts at building trust

The development of shared trust within the team and with our facilitators is critical to the success of our approach. At the outset we develop a shared understanding of the desired outcome, and we invest time with team members to enable them to role-model the desired mindsets and behaviours for team success. With a facilitation style characterised by authenticity, curiosity and courage, we work with your team to build an inclusive, open and accountable climate where difficult messages can be aired, powerful relationships can be built and successes can be valued and celebrated.

Talk to our experts

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