Top Team Development

The top team has the power to make or break an organisation. As authors and custodians of organisational culture, the way in which top teams work together sets the tone for how others behave and collaborate.

It is increasingly challenging working as a senior leader; the pressure to perform, the competition for resources and recognition, the pace and complexity can contribute to people operating in ‘survival zone’ and top teams that pull apart rather than together. With top down and bottom up tasks and teams demanding attention, scant attention is often given to ‘how’ works gets done with one’s peers and how these relationships can be a resource for building enhanced effectiveness and resilience. However, it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.

Our approach

We believe that for the ‘top team’ to lead with authenticity, individual members must first be able to lead themselves. Once self-awareness is raised, members are then in a better position to enhance team performance from a collective mindset of openness and accountability rather than from a position of protection, blame, fear or ignorance. Engaging leaders in 1:1 coaching before working together as a team, accelerates development, trust and commitment to the process.

With a facilitation style characterized by authenticity, curiosity and challenge, our skilled consultants work with top teams to build an inclusive, open and accountable climate where difficult messages can be aired, powerful relationships can be built and successes are enabled and celebrated. We tailor our team solutions to suit your needs, and can draw on a powerful combination of tools and techniques to enable transformational change.

This includes the use of leading edge diagnostics such as the Emotional Intelligence Profile, Team Emotional Intelligence Profile and Leadership Climate Indicator. These enable leaders to track performance improvement at an individual and team level to quantify success and enable sustained, self-managed change.

Meeting your needs

Whilst we have proven success running high impact one day events, many of our clients choose to work with us over an extended period using a high impact rolling sequence of 1:1 coaching and team events. This ensures learning from coaching is translated back to the team environment and results in sustained change and ownership of team development long-after any formal intervention. The tangible result of engaging in top team development is that the team is able to function fully, making best use of each other’s talents and pulling together to create shared success.

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