Building Resilience at Work workshop

JCA Global has introduced a brand new set of tools to help you become more resilient, all developed from our new model of resilience developed by Chief Psychologist, Jo Maddocks.

JCA Global Resilience Model

All too often individuals who perform effectively under normal circumstances will dramatically derail and underperform when outside of their comfort zones or under stress. The factor that differentiates those who adapt, recover and learn from adversity from those that don’t, is the concept of resilience.

Resilience can be defined as ‘the ability to recover from negative life experiences and become stronger while overcoming them’1. This definition is reflected in our Thrive Cycle of Resilience2 which has four stages – an individual may be stronger or weaker in any of the four stages in the resilience cycle.

JCA Global Resilience Model. Copyright 2018 JCA Global Ltd.

Course overview

Our ‘Building Resilience at work’ workshop offers delegates the opportunity to identify personal resilience strengths and development areas, using the latest research and experiential exercises. The workshop is underpinned by Emotional Intelligence and is designed for those who wish to explore the benefits of managing their resilience effectively by reflecting and increasing their self-awareness, as well as encouraging them to understand personal values and how these can be used as anchors in being more resilient.

The two-day workshop offers a diagnostic tool and personalised resilience report to understand strengths and weaknesses in how we respond to adversity. Delegates will have the opportunity to work closely with JCA Global’s highly experienced consultants and receive practical and relevant development tips.

Who will benefit?

The workshop is designed for those who wish to explore the benefit of managing their own personal resilience effectively. Aimed at leaders, managers, coaches or business leaders, learning will be practical and impactful and will enable participants to develop personalised attitudes and skills for enhanced resilience at work and home.

Learning outcomes

The workshop will deepen your understanding of resilience and develop personal resilience, by:

  • explaining the four stages of the JCA Global Thrive Cycle of Resilience
  • developing core attitudes, thinking and behaviours that will enable a foundation of resilience
  • enhancing self-awareness
  • experiencing real learning situations and applied techniques
  • learning practical tools and steps for adapting to change, pressure and adversity
  • creating a toolkit of 20 steps for building resilience
  • creating new habits to enable a ‘growth mindset’ to increase personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

Workshop cost

£995 + VAT

The full cost of the workshop includes:

  • your personalised Resilience report
  • full two-day access to our Resilience experts
  • your own resilience plan designed to boost your confidence and resilience that you can implement straight away
  • recommended references for understanding resilience
  • refreshments and lunch throughout the two-day workshop

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Workshop Essentials

Building Resilience at Work

2-day workshop

£1200 + VAT

Pre-course activities
Complete Resilience report and reflective work