Developing Emotional Intelligence

The Developing Emotional Intelligence programme leverages the power of the Emotional Intelligence Profile and enables you to apply it in a group setting in order to develop individual and leadership effectiveness.

The programme comprises three fully prepared, interactive and experiential workshops and all of the associated resources and materials that you need to deliver these – including facilitator guides, PowerPoint presentations, and participant workbooks and activities. You will be able to select the appropriate programme depending on the needs of your client group and/or your level of experience with the Emotional Intelligence Profile:

• Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (using EIP3 Snapshot)
• Managing with Emotional Intelligence (using EIP3 Development Summary)
• Leading with Emotional Intelligence (using EIP3 Executive)

Course overview

Attending the Developing Emotional Intelligence masterclass will equip you with the knowledge and skills to deliver the three Developing Emotional Intelligence programmes. You will learn how to apply JCA Global’s EI framework to individual and leadership development and get the opportunity to practise delivering powerful experiential activities that raise awareness of attitudes, feelings and behaviour and how these affect performance. You will explore the different EIP3 reports, and learn tips and techniques for how to feed these back in a workshop setting.

Who will benefit?

The programme is aimed at both independent and in-house consultants, HR, L&D and OD specialists, organisational psychologists, coaches and anyone who wishes to apply EI to help their clients develop.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the differences between the EIP3 reports and the three workshop variants, as well as how to decide which to use with your client groups.
  • Learn how to feed back the Emotional Intelligence Profile in a group setting.
  • Learn to use a toolkit that will raise participant awareness about their attitudes, feelings and behaviour and how these impact their personal and interpersonal eff ectiveness.
  • Acquire the practical skills to deliver experiential exercises for developing EI.
  • Receive all the resources and materials you need to deliver your first workshop.

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Workshop Essentials

1-day masterclass

£995 + VAT

Participants need to have completed their EIP3 product accreditation

Accreditation Pathway

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