Personality Type Profile

The Personality Type Profile provides a framework for understanding individual differences in personality and how people interact with each other. It is based on the world-renowned Jungian personality type model. It provides participants with information on one of the 16 personality types as defined by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs.

Personality Type Profile

What you will learn:

  • Personality type theory and the work of Carl Jung
  • Background and development of the PTP
  • How to give feedback and explore different type preferences
  • Practical activities and applications to understand type
  • Ethical considerations and best-practice in using the PTP
  • Recommendations for individual and group feedback processes
  • JCA’s range of PTP-based report options, including the Compatibility and Team reports
  • How to use the JCA Development Hub to administer the PTP

Outcomes and Benefits:

  • PTP accreditation will provide you with the knowledge and skills to confidently use type with individuals, groups and teams
  • Increased self-awareness and understanding of your own type preferences
  • Access to a range of JCA’s Type reports

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